Pick a lever, any leverWoohoo! I finally ran across a good deal on a two-speed crawler box for my mog. These have always been expensive when they turn up, and as of late, I have seen people selling them for crazy prices. I was driving home from a couple of side jobs and was thinking about what I could spend my extra cash on. I got home with the intent of buying a decent tripod but pulled up the Pirate 4X4 forum and saw Doug''s post advertising the crawler box. I called immediately and they were mine. Quite a bit more than a tripod, but it was one of those ''do what you got to'' deals. These crawler gears should make me the winner of any tortoise race. They take an already respectable 113:1 crawl ratio in low range first to an amazing 348:1 in crawler first. They supposedly don''t like the skinny pedal but since it just idles through pretty much anything now I don''t see that will be a problem. And since I have done the 8-speed conversion, I get 4 gears in crawler instead of two.

So, I now have: 4 gears in high range, 4 gears in low range, 4 gears in crawler range and 4 gears in reverse. Does that make it a sixteen speed?