Clogged Fuel FilterThere is a new offroad park in the area, so we decided to head on out and see what it is all about.  It is called Barlett's ORV Park and it is located just outside of Liberty, SC.  It is situated on several hundred acres and has lots of long, twisty trails and some good obstacles.  We had a couple of new rigs join the group (Cody, Devin and Carrie) as well as some of the regular club members.  We all had a good time and look forward to getting lost at Barlett's again and finding a few more trails.

We had a little bit of carnage on this trip.  Daniel spit out a front axle u-joint on the first big obstacle of the day so he spent the rest of the day three-wheeling.  On the same ledge, I managed to not only undo the gas cap but did a little plowing of red clay with the filler neck.  We cleaned out the filler neck but apparently there was a lot more down in the tank.  This led to an impromptu stop on the side of the road on the way home when I lost power.  A quick filter change and I was back on the road again.  I am sure everyone has a few more scratches and a little mud cleaning to do, but I am ready for more Barlett's.

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