The Line Up at Nimblewill ChurchA fellow mogger told me about a gathering of folks from the Expedition Portal website near Amicalola Falls State Park.  I needed a break and it sounded like a fun, relaxing weekend.  I debated on whether I should drive the mog there or tow instead.  Speed, comfort and the ability to carry more supplies won out in favor of towing.  Getting the gooseneck down to the campsite and back out ended up being the only white knuckle driving of the weekend!  We had a really nice trail ride on Saturday through Chatahoochee National Forest and into the back door of Amicalola State Park, where we stopped to admire the beautiful waterfall and grab a bite to eat.  From the State Park, we hit the blacktop for a drive around to Old Bucktown Road, which would lead us up a more challenging trail on the way back to the campsite.  The weather was a little chilly, but there was a great bunch of people to wheel and hang out with around the campfire.  I miss the old wandering type of camping trips and hope to join the ExPo gang more often.
I slacked off on this trip and didn't take too many pictures but here they are:  Photo Gallery.