SOTA logoI am active participant as both a 'chaser' and an 'activator' in the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program.  SOTA is a great way to combine amateur radio and the great outdoors.  Activators are requred to hike to qualified mountain summits and make contacts while operating portable.  Chasers are the people you make contacts with while on a summit, whether they are at home in the shack, operating portable themselves or best yet, an activator on another summit.



MVUMs (Motor Vehicle Use Maps) are the official documents detailing National Forest roads.  They list roads that are open seasonally and the dates that they are open.  MVUMs may only be updated periodically and not reflect current accessibility.  But, they have proven to be a valuable resource in planning trips in the National Forests.  All of the Forest Service MVUMs can be downloaded at: