SOTA Presentation CoverHere is a Powerpoint presentation I put together for a talk at an amateur radio club meeting, introducing them to Summits on the Air.  This is intended to cover the basics of the program, but still be a rather brief presentation.  I have also created a short resource guide with some handy links to accompany the presentation.






SOTA Presentation - Basic 1.1 HOT

Introduction to SOTA presentation.

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SOTA Presentation - Basic (PDF Version) 1.0 HOT

PDF version of my SOTA presentation.

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SOTA Resource Guide 1.1 HOT

This document is designed to be a companion document to a Powerpoint presentation for SOTA.

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SOTA Starter Guide 1.0 HOT

A simple one-page (front and back) introduction to Summits on the Air.  One side presents information on Chasing Summits and the reverse side on Activating Summits.

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