This handful of scripts and simple applications grew out of my need for a simple way to convert ADIF formatted log files to comma separated files, suitable for upload to the Summits on the Air (SOTA) database.  I make no claims to being a programmer, but I can usually borrow and butcher someone else's code and get the job done. 

It all started with a command line run php script, with the ADIF parsing logic borrowed from code written by Ansgar, DG2KBC.  Running a command line script was fine for me, but I though it would be nice if it could be even easier.  That led me to find Platypus, which is an application wrapper for scripts running on Macs.  It was very easy to turn my script into a small drag and drop application.  That worked great until the SOTA v2 format was published, which provided support for Summit to Summit (S2S) contacts in the log.  I then needed to throw up a prompt to ask how to process the log file - as an activator's or a chaser/S2S log?    I found another handy tool called CocoaDialog that provides nice OS styled dialog boxes for scripting languages to handle additional input.

Before ADIF ver. 3.0.4 was released there was no supported way to log SOTA information in logging software.  To facilitate processing the SOTA information, I came up with a standardized way of logging that information. Just for your information, I keep my activation logs in a separate file from my chaser/general log file.  Partly out of habit, but also because I couldn't come up with a way to reconcile both types of contacts in a single log.  If you have a better method, I would love to hear it! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

73 de pat, KI4SVM