This app is for older versions of MacLoggerDX which do not support the two new SOTA fields.  This app requires the comments field to use My Standardized Format for SOTA Data for your SOTA contacts.

To use, drag an .adi file exported from MLDX onto the app's icon.  If you are processing a chaser file, it may contain SOTA contacts, but must not contain activator contacts.  If you are processing an activator file, if must not contain any chaser contacts.  Either file may contain non-SOTA contacts.  Contacts without SOTA information in the comments field will be ignored during processing.

The app will ask you whether it is a chaser or an activator file.  A comma separated values formatted file will be generated as needed, for easy upload to the SOTA database.  It will silently create your file in the same location and name as the input file, but with a .csv file extension added.  An activator's file which contains Summit to Summit contacts can also be upload as a chaser file for S2S credit.

MacLoggerDX to SOTA 0.94 HOT

Drag and drop app for processing log files from MacLoggerDX for upload to the Summits on the Air database.  This app requires your comments field to use my standard format for logging your SOTA contacts.  If you process an activation log and it contains Summit to Summit contacts, you can also upload the output file as a chaser log to get credit for your S2Ss.


  • v0.94  - rewrote the band output section to align with the SOTA database band options (Thanks Andy! - MM0FMF)
  • v0.932 - capitalized the output of callsigns, mode and summit references
  • v0.931 - made the pattern matching case-insensitive
  • v0.91 - added code to sort QSOs by the date and time, no matter how the log file was sorted
  • v0.90 - original version of script


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