W4G/NG-025 Glade Mountain

2.3 miles with 1140' EG. You can take a more direct route on the 'off-trail' part of the hike, but this route is more open and easier to follow in my opinion. There is parking for 1 or 2 vehicles at the trailhead (35.017, -83.141). Start along the Ellicott Rock Trail and at 0.45 miles, look to your right and find the old logging road about 50' off of the trail. Follow this fairly overgrown logging road for about 0.4 miles. The rhododendron has closed in on this old road and there several places where you will have to negotiate some snarls, either by getting off the road, doing the backpacker's limbo or even getting down on all fours! It really isn't that bad but you will reach a point where the road just disappears. Turning right and looking up the hill, there is another logging road just up the hill. When that road peters out, just start climbing and maintaining the ridgeline. This may seem to be taking you in the wrong direction, but there is a fairly decent trail heading straight up to the ridgeline and once at the top of ridge, there is a well used and open logging road that will take you most of the way. It will eventually turn back into a trail with a steep climb over the last knob before climbing Glade Mtn. Typical hardwood forest on the summit.

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Min Elevation 2917.85 ft
Max Elevation 3682.68 ft
Total Elevation Gain 1136.98 ft
Total Elevation Loss 372.15 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 310
Max Speed 0 mile/hr
Average Speed 0 mile/hr
Total Distance 2.32 mi
Total Time 26d 1h 10m 33s
Route Points 0
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