W4G/NG-058 Rainy Mtn via Bartram Trail Northbound

2.2 mile hike along the Bartram Trail with 1100' of EG. Parking for several vehicles is available at 34.872, -83.295, where the Bartram Trail crosses Pool Creek Road. At approximately 1.75 miles, I left the Bartram Trail and followed the NE ridgeline to the summit. Once on top, it was easy to see that there was indeed a well-established trail heading down the NW ridgeline back to the Bartram Trail. I estimate that route would add approximately another half mile to the hike.

Summit is typical southern hardwoods, with decent space for setting up.

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Min Elevation 2115.16 ft
Max Elevation 2996.69 ft
Total Elevation Gain 1138.55 ft
Total Elevation Loss 257.02 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 276
Max Speed 0 mile/hr
Average Speed 0 mile/hr
Total Distance 2.2 mi
Total Time 0h 00m 00s
Route Points 0
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