W4G/NG-031 Glassy Mountain

Possible drive-up summit in the summertime, but still a short hike of 0.9 miles with 550' of elevation gain if gate is locked. Access is via a gravel FS road (FS 11) off of Bridge Creek Rd. There is room for one car parked on the side of the road at the gate and possibly one more a hundred yards back down the road. The summit houses an active FS Fire Tower and heliport. The large, maintained (only in summer perhaps) grassy clearing on the summit is all within the activation zone.

This is a good one to throw in the log if you are in the area and are looking for a quick or additional summit.

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Min Elevation 2950.95 ft
Max Elevation 3526.54 ft
Total Elevation Gain 575.59 ft
Total Elevation Loss 0 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 98
Max Speed 3.36 mile/hr
Average Speed 1.79 mile/hr
Total Distance 0.9 mi
Total Time 0h 30m 17s
Route Points 0
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