W4T/SU-033 Walnut Mountain via Rattlesnake Gap

1.4 mile hike with 565' EG along gated FS Trail 135 from seasonally accessible Rattlesnake Gap (35.848, -82.944). This route is along a gated FS road and about 1/2 up the Walnut Mtn trail turns to the left. Taking the trail is shorter, but steeper and rejoins the road. This would be a good trailhead if you also planning on activating W4T/SU-029 - Round Mountain as well. **Note this track does not go to the actual summit, but to the gap between the true summit and the western summit, both of which are in the AZ.

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Min Elevation 3701.57 ft
Max Elevation 4262.99 ft
Total Elevation Gain 581.96 ft
Total Elevation Loss 22.15 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 180
Max Speed 0 mile/hr
Average Speed 0 mile/hr
Total Distance 1.37 mi
Total Time 0h 00m 00s
Route Points 0
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