W4G/NG-079 Yellow Mountain

Short off-trail hike from FS Road 268A, which is open seasonally. If the gate is closed at Hwy 197, this will add a half mile more to your hike. After passing through the power line clear-cut, the brush is pretty thick but thins out higher up. You may be able to bypass the rough part but I did not have the time to scout it out.

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Min Elevation 1810.79 ft
Max Elevation 2228.71 ft
Total Elevation Gain 425.82 ft
Total Elevation Loss 9.48 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 90
Max Speed 3.8 mile/hr
Average Speed 1.34 mile/hr
Total Distance 0.68 mi
Total Time 0h 30m 34s
Route Points 0
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