W4C/WM-045 Shepherd Bald via Leatherman Gap

Access from FS 70 is good and this makes a good summit to do with Cowee Bald - W4C/WM-039. There is a decent sized place to park several cars on the left at Leatherman Gap. Head up the remains of an old logging road to the top of Leatherman Knob, take a slight left and descend to the gap before Shepherd Bald. There is a trail from the gap straight down to FS 70, but there really isn't any good place to park IMO. You pick up another logging road in the gap and just after you leave the gap, the logging road forks. Take the right fork and it will rejoin with the other logging road shortly, but with an easier track. The climb up the eastern ridge to the summit is very dense forest with rhododendron thickets. The summit itself is a briar thicket, but the forest is open enough to set up in.

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Min Elevation 4240.91 ft
Max Elevation 4751.84 ft
Total Elevation Gain 821.59 ft
Total Elevation Loss 356.4 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 224
Max Speed 3.13 mile/hr
Average Speed 0 mile/hr
Total Distance 1.59 mi
Total Time 19d 14h 59m 20s
Route Points 0
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