W4T/SU-095 Paint Mtn

Hike is around 1 mile with 460 EG'. There is parking for 5-6 cars at the trailhead (35.967, -82.892). Shortly after you start your hike you will have the option of taking a trail or continue along on the forest road. The both end up in the same place, but you will get some better views along the trail. Summit has a large clearing and AZ.

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Min Elevation 2282.32 ft
Max Elevation 2712.83 ft
Total Elevation Gain 544.09 ft
Total Elevation Loss 509.38 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 224
Max Speed 3.58 mile/hr
Average Speed 0.31 mile/hr
Total Distance 1.91 mi
Total Time 6h 14m 46s
Route Points 0
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