W4C/CM-103 Three Forks Mtn Suggested Route

Roughly 2.4 mile hike with 1300' EG on hiking trail and off-trail. This route is only a suggestion since it does not follow our route to or from Three Forks Mtn in it's entirety. Our route in required skirting private property and our route on the way out is not recommended. ;-) Parking for several vehicles is located at the trailhead for the Negro Prong Trail (35.223, -82.802). My suggestion is to take Negro Prong Trail as far upstream as possible and make your way either up to Three Forks' southern ridgeline or directly north up to the main ridgeline (where you may have to skirt a bit of the private property). There is a good trail on the southern ridgeline and just enough space to set up on the southern half of the summit on National Forest property. One account that I read suggested that Negro Prong Trail followed the creek north to it's headwaters, but it should be a relatively short off-trail hike to the southern ridgeline from where the creek turns north.

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Min Elevation 2528.31 ft
Max Elevation 3823.03 ft
Total Elevation Gain 1376.71 ft
Total Elevation Loss 81.99 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 292
Max Speed 0 mile/hr
Average Speed 0 mile/hr
Total Distance 2.42 mi
Total Time 0h 00m 00s
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