W4C/US-022 Sharp Top Mtn from Cleo Chapman Hwy

This is a shorter, but steeper hike with a bit more elevation gain than from Hwy 178. Hike is 1.3 miles with 650' EG and 95' EL. There is parking for maybe three cars at the Upper Twin Falls trailhead (35.004930, -82.813652). Across the road from the trailhead is an old logging road that will take you to the ridgeline just before you reach the summit. The logging road is overgrown and basically a single track. Near the ridgeline it starts to fade away but it is still easy to navigate. I stayed on the ridgeline until I met up with the the gated road from Hwy 178. After a couple hundred yards on the road, you will head off-trail to the summit.

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Min Elevation 1336.15 ft
Max Elevation 1906.99 ft
Total Elevation Gain 697.01 ft
Total Elevation Loss 138.78 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 165
Max Speed 3.36 mile/hr
Average Speed 1.67 mile/hr
Total Distance 1.26 mi
Total Time 0h 45m 04s
Route Points 0
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