W4C/US-004 - Fork Mtn

1.1 mile off-trail hike with 780' EG. Plenty of parking at the Walhalla State Fish Hatchery (34.985311, -83.071245). Take the trail by the restrooms and then turn right to go over the bridge to the fish hatchery. Do not go through the gate into the fish hatchery, but ilook across to the back of the property and you can probably make out the old logging road that starts you up the ridgeline. Take a left and walk around the fenced area and start up the old logging road. It will end a short ways up the ridge, but gets you going in the right direction. Typical off-trail conditions and don't stop at the false summit!

Posted in US - SC Upstate, asked by Patrick Harris, 4 years ago. 780 hits.
Min Elevation 2605.61 ft
Max Elevation 3338.88 ft
Total Elevation Gain 801.05 ft
Total Elevation Loss 75.66 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 148
Max Speed 3.8 mile/hr
Average Speed 1.28 mile/hr
Total Distance 1.06 mi
Total Time 0h 49m 28s
Route Points 0
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