W4C/WM-068 - Terrapin Mtn

2.3 mile off-trail hike with 1470' EG and 430' EL. There is plenty of parking, either at the pull-out on the west side of Hwy 107 or at the gated FS Road just up the hill on the east side (35.0417, -83.0631). This is also the trailhead for W4C/WM-100 as well. The fun starts just across the highway from the gated FS road, where you can just make out an old logging road heading south. Cross the small creek, turn left and fight the rhododendron for about 20' at most before the logging road opens up and is walkable. That is pretty much the worse that you should encounter on this hike. In about 0.2 miles you will reach an intersection of several logging roads. Take a sharp right and it will climb up to the ridgeline that you will need to follow the rest of the way. The rest of the hike is typical off-trail hiking - a combination of open forest hiking, logging roads and manways with some of it rather steep. You will first climb over Heady Mtn where you will have to skirt some private property. The well defined manyway through most of this section remained on the legal side of all markings and signage, but you will have to skirt around the very last bit as it comes down to the gap between Heady and Coldsides Mtns. FYI - In NC, reddish-purple paint bands can be used to demarcate property boundaries/no trespassing. But once you start to climb Coldsides, you will be in FS land the rest of the way. The only tough spot on the hike for navigating is the top of Coldsides where the trail peters out in the rhodendron. If you follow my GPS track, it will get you down the slope through the rhodo and back on a manway quickly. The summit is typical open hardwoods.

There is supposed to be a nice outcrop on the southern side of Coldsides, but I didn't have time to explore that. There are several nice outcrops on the southern side of the ridge as you climb Terrapin that are worth a vist. There are more outcrops on the southern end of the summit and on the western side of the summit. There is also wreckage of a small plane somewhere on the western side as well, but I didn't find it either.

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Min Elevation 3425.62 ft
Max Elevation 4486.91 ft
Total Elevation Gain 1531.23 ft
Total Elevation Loss 499.9 ft
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Total Distance 2.32 mi
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