W4G/NG-003 - Hightower Bald

2.5 mile hike with 2200' of EG, with 1700' of it in last last 1.4 miles. Parking for several cars at the end of Eagle Fork Road (35.007059, -83.622556). Hike starts along a gated Forest Service road. The road will end shortly after crossing Loggy Branch around 1.1 miles. This is where you will start to climb the ridgeline up to the gap below Hightower Bald. Follow the ridgeline south and up! Maintain the ridgeline as there is a decent trail most of the way up. You will have a band of rhododendron to deal with near the top, but it is walkable. Once you gain the main ridgeline turn west and make the final climb to Hightower. Summit (and AZ) is narrow and overgrown, imagine it would be dense in the summertime. I highly recommend walking down the west ridge to Tom Gap and just up the other side a bit for a great view back towards Hightower. And since you are in the area, you might want to wander down to Montgomery Corner, where the GA/NC border makes the first of two 90 degree turns. An unmarked but interesting piece of Georgia history, it is just a couple of hundred yards down the north ridge. Bonus points if you make it to the other 90 degree turn at the 30 Mile Post.

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Min Elevation 2428.97 ft
Max Elevation 4602.03 ft
Total Elevation Gain 2228.22 ft
Total Elevation Loss 55.15 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 240
Max Speed 3.13 mile/hr
Average Speed 0.92 mile/hr
Total Distance 2.45 mi
Total Time 2h 40m 00s
Route Points 0
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