W3C/US-013 - Big Stakey Mtn

Short, but very steep 0.8 mile off-trail hike with 650' EG and about 100' EL. Parking for a couple of cars on the side of Nicholson Ford Road (34.908564, -83.122345). A logging road heads west from Nicholson Ford Rd, but on the maps there is a small private parcel at the head of the logging road (but the land was not posted either). Head up into the woods and find the logging road heading to the south initially. I found it easier to walk through the open woods beside the road than on it. The road will climb up the ridge to the west and then northwest up over a small knob. After a short descent to the gap below Big Stakey, there is a trail of sorts that leads straigt up the side of the Mtn pushing 30%. Typical hardwood forest on top.

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Min Elevation 2105.71 ft
Max Elevation 2660.79 ft
Total Elevation Gain 649.74 ft
Total Elevation Loss 96.23 ft
Way Points 0
Track Points 87
Max Speed 2.46 mile/hr
Average Speed 0.21 mile/hr
Total Distance 0.83 mi
Total Time 4h 03m 34s
Route Points 0
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